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Summer Studies

Summer Study Sign-Ups are open! Each August we take a break from our normal City Groups and gather around specific topics for spiritual growth and to grow in community. We encourage all members and regular attenders to get involved! Click the links below to learn more about each class being offered.

God is the Gospel. Sign up here.

Ethnic Identity: A Guide for Majority Culture. Sign up here.

When Helping Hurts. Sign up here.

Humble Roots Book Discussion. Sign up here.

Managing Your Money for God’s Glory. Sign up here.

Engrafting Scripture. Sign up here.

Radical Truth, Radical Gospels. Sign up here.

What Did You Expect: A Study on Marriage. Sign up here.

City Groups

As an essential part of being a healthy and growing follower of Jesus, we highly encourage participation in a City Group by all our members. Sign up if you are interested in joining a City Group.

Serve at
The Vine

It takes lots of volunteers to keep the ministries at The vine running smoothly. We have all kinds of ways to get involved - from coffee team and serving communion to facility projects.sing up if you are willing to serve others for the sake of God’s kingdom.

We have over 75 kids each week eager to learn about God and it is a lot of fun to be involved and teach them. Sign up to help serve on Sunday mornings with our Next Generation Kids’ Ministry.

Nov. 4-10 the Vine is taking a team to Ecuador! Interested in learning more? Click the link and sign up!

Please register your event at The Vine Church buildings here.

A gathering in Madison designed to encourage and train women how to study their Bible and grow in relationship with God through prayer. For more info and registration.

Sign up your child to participate in our Sunday Morning programming at the 9 AM church service. During our time of "Meet and Greet", your child will be dismissed from the church service into the church lobby where they will be met by their classroom teachers!

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