Beginning Sunday, 5/29 we will hold one corporate worship service at 10:00 AM. Join us in worship!

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Summer Studies

Summer Study: Engrafting Scripture. For Women Only! Explore how memorizing and meditating on God’s Word will change a person from the inside out.Sign up here.

Summer Study: The Representation of Christ in Singleness. Explore how singleness exhibits the sufficiency of the gospel. Sign up here.

Summer Study: Summer Study: Finding Joy in Parenting. Come listen, ask questions, and find encouragement in hearing from seasoned parents in the Vine family. Sign up here.

Summer Study: Be True to Yourself. Learn about how listening to God's voice and relying on his Word will lead to true satisfaction and contentment. Sign up here.

Summer Study: 4 Nights, 4 Marriages. Married couples share wisdom about the spiritual, relational, physical, and financial aspects of marriage. Sign up here.

Summer Study: What is Biblical Theology? Learn about the overarching themes & patterns in the Bible that bind the whole of scripture together. Sign up here.

We have over 75 kids each week eager to learn about God and it is a lot of fun to be involved and teach them. Sign up to help serve on Sunday mornings with our Next Generation Kids’ Ministry.

Little Free 5K

Join us Saturday, 5/28 at McDaniel Park in McFarland for a 5K fundraiser! Bring your donations for our Little Free Pantry and enjoy a morning of fitness and fellowship.

City Groups

As an essential part of being a healthy and growing follower of Jesus, we highly encourage participation in a City Group by all our members. Sign up if you are interested in joining a City Group.

Serve at
The Vine

It takes lots of volunteers to keep the ministries at The Vine running smoothly. We have all kinds of ways to get involved - from coffee team and serving communion to facility projects. Sign up if you are ready to serve others for the sake of God’s kingdom.

Baptism Sunday is June 12, 2022! If you've professed faith in Christ and are desiring to celebrate baptism at the Vine, register here!

Please register your event at The Vine Church buildings here.

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