#61 — Exploring Cultural Counterfeits with Jen Oshman
May 23, 2022

#61 — Exploring Cultural Counterfeits with Jen Oshman


In our search for meaning and purpose, we can be influenced by idols like outward beauty and ability, sex, abortion, and gender fluidity. Even good things like marriage and motherhood can become symbols of idolatry. We may sense that these counterfeits are hollow and leave us feeling unsettled, but where should we turn instead? Jen Oshman equips us to reject the empty, cultural promises of our age and recognize our unshakable and eternal identities in Jesus. Addressing timely topics such as the sexual revolution, LGBTQIA+, social media, and feminism, Oshman provides compelling cultural analysis and engaging discussion questions to help us uncover God’s good design and purpose for our lives. Good news awaits—we really were made for so much more.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Article: Opinion: Consent is not enough. We need a new sexual ethic.
Book: Rethinking Sex: A Provocation

Jen’s Book: Cultural Counterfeits