June 19, 2023

#82 – Fight For Your Pastor!


Do you pray for your pastors? Do you encourage them? Do you have realistic expectations for them? The office of pastor is simultaneously a rewarding and draining position. Pastors today have immense pressure on their shoulders and they need the support of their congregations. 

Peter Orr has written Fight for Your Pastor as an exhortation for church members to stand behind their pastors through the difficulties of ministry. Orr specifies ways in which congregations can be intentional in caring for church leaders, including prayer, encouragement, generosity, and forgiveness. Featuring stories from current pastors about their struggles, this book is perfect for thoughtful church members eager to understand the weight of their pastors’ positions and support leaders in their important ministry. 

  • For Thoughtful Christians: Specifically, those wanting to know more about their pastors and how to care for them
  • Current: Features insight from pastors about their personal experiences in ministry
  • Applicable: Gives practical examples of how to love and care for pastors, including specific prayers for church leaders and the best ways to encourage them 
You can find this book here.