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Join us for our Sunday Morning Livestream Service at 10 AM here.

Here is everything you need to join us online:

• For Sunday worship & teaching, join us live on Sundays at 10:00 AM on YouTube or by searching “The Vine Church Madison” on Facebook or YouTube.

• For weekly family worship & The Gospel Project resources click here to email our Youth and Family Pastor.

• To stay up to date on the latest information from The Vine Church, subscribe to our newsletter and join our online community here on Slack.

• Podcast: All past teaching is available in podcast form on iTunes.

• Spotify: The Vine Church has created a Spotify channel where you can listen to worship music we sing on a regular basis.

We would encourage you to use these online resources individually, with your family, and with your friends. Share these resources widely! We know that listening to or watching sermons online is not a substitute for the gathered church, but we hope these resources serve you well in these unique times.

Our commitment to gospel centered community is foundational to who we are as a church. While this continues to look different during this season of life, we are committed to continuing to gather together through creative alternatives to keep our community tied together in love, with encouragement and discipleship. If you are new to the Vine Church and/or are not yet in a small group, please sign up here and we will get you connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I continue to give to The Vine Church while we are not gathering for services?

• Your giving continues to be an important act of worship. You can continue to faithfully give online or by mail.

• To give online, simply click the link at the top of this page.

• If you prefer to give by mail, you can send checks payable to “The Vine Church” : The Vine Church, 906 Ann Street, Madison WI, 53713.

Where can I get solid information about the Coronavirus?

Informing yourself accurately about the Coronavirus and its spread is an important task. However, with so much panic-induced overstatement and the opposite problem of ill-informed downplaying, you need to filter your information through trusted sources.

The following websites publish responsible and helpful information:

• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Coronavirus Page –

• Wisconsin Department of Health:

• Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Map –

Additionally, several major news organizations have made their Coronavirus information pages free online:

• NY Times Corona Virus Coverage –

• Washington Post – How Viruses Spread and Why Social Distancing is Important –

How should I respond personally to this crisis?

On the level of personal physical health, we would urge you to follow the normal health precautions encouraged by the CDC, to wash your hands regularly and stay home if you are feeling ill. In particular, you should strictly follow these guidelines if you are part of an at-risk population.

On the level of spiritual health, we need to lean on God’s truth to settle our hearts and guide us in trying times. Several truths can be a helpful reminder.

• First, Romans 8:18-23 reminds us that all of creation is infected by the disease of the sin curse. The sobering reality of this pandemic is a reminder that we live in a sin-cursed and fallen world. Suffering reminds us to cry out for Jesus to return to conquer the curse fully.

• Second, Revelation 21:1-5 reminds us that the resurrection of Jesus is God’s guarantee that one day He will fully conquer sin and death! One day Jesus will come again and there will be no suffering, no sickness, and no death. We have a hope beyond the trials of this present age.

• Third, in moments of anxiety and worry, Matthew 6:25-34 reminds us that we have a Father in heaven who knows our needs and cares for us personally.

• Fourth, 1 Timothy 2:1-4 reminds us to pray. We should pray for the sick and for endurance for medical professionals who will provide care. We should pray for wisdom for government officials. We should pray for one another in the body of Christ. We should pray that God would use this crisis to call people to Himself.

• Finally, work to stay connected to one another in spite of social distancing. Even if we’re unable to gather as a full church body, we can stay connected to one another through calls, texts, and small group gatherings where appropriate.

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